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which precede the dicrotic rise merely as waves derived by reflection

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gastric lavage and frequent abdominal examinations of the sus-

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later. As to the action of intestinal parasites, it does not seem likely

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fjit \'\< professional standini; for practising cxclusiv-

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The axiliaiy- temperature is, at first, somewhat greater on the paralyzed

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plaster applied so that the ends crossed each other in front of the incision ;

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of a more prolonged and somewhat harsher sound of the heart

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advantages of this new (?) device are set forth at length, the writer

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English cadet, from the ship Cornwall, and was mistaken for a trichina;

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Dose: Three globules in a teaspoonful of water, at first every hour,

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Clayton L. Scroggins, C.P.B.C. Raymond E. Scroggins, J.D.

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manufacture of oxy tuberculine. Add 60 c. c. tuberculine to 240 c. c, 10 per

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they appeared to be combined. We know that the eruptive fevers may be

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many low-grade schools connected with universities, and are influ-

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ing in the seventh interspace an inch outside the nipple-line.

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and in red aquariums. Their caudal membranes were then

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36-83 per cent, of the female cases and 26-80 per cent, of the male

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careful and persevering methods of investigation so con-

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whom were Laennec and Andral. The condition has generally received the

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Dr. Emmet does not exaggerate the importance of peri-

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of much mental strain, then relapse at a most unusual

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sion and extension, I devised, and had constructed during the winter of

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dormant. Thus, heat and moisture combined are a stimulus

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;thorax, etc. Other evidences of stasis, as hydrothorax,

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rickets in a child under two years of age if the usual symptoms and signs,

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new Poor-Law Continuance Bill, I feel sure you will

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field show.s plate, the lower quarter, new bone pioduced by the dog.

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look for benefit If patients can not be kept at home with-

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* Two thousand seven hundred and sixty-four cases were treated with antitoxin during

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vol. ii., p. 4S3.) Still, the case shoidd be noted as one which

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by the uterine body being divided into two distinct cornua, at a varying

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of the scar from the points described, with the exception

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Dr. IIkitzman said that pathologically there was not much

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leverage through the tibia, and by the numerous muscles attached

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lor in-lance, .1 m.in hit in the head w.iU.ed tliree hundred \ard- to a

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