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              ~~ Ben Franklin

meier, Baer, Goffe, Eastman, and others use the extra-
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and came rather graciously, it was of early date enough by
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Dr. Vance : She has had one miscarriage at the fourth month, one
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** little attending circumstances " were very strongly impressed on my
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the surroundings, with a view to prevent new cases of
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For five years he wore a truss, which had no effect, and the hernia has re-
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emphasise the fact that it is a perfectly definite and scientific
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haled pure oxygen or inhaled atmospheric gas. 1 was
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Kceing's method of treatment of these cases was also referred to.
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14 died, a mortality of 1 in 20.15. Of the deaths 2 were caused by puer-
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12. Culver KW. Ammann MD. Partridge JC, et al: Lymphocyte abnormalities
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use of Norwood's tincture. — American Medical Journal.
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4 tab. 4°. Zurich, Ziircher <)■ Furrer, 1871.
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has caused every substance at any time known in the pharmacopoeia
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Society for Medical Improvement, read an exhaustive and finely
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braces many changes, acute and chronic, and cerebral hemorrhage.
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. conclusion, I have little more to say, except a few words on the cephalo-
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the C 2 tuning-fork (Schwabach's test) is greatly shortened. Disease of the
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frequently until the present time, three years after the original seizure.
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" Other sources of uncertainty arise from the multiplicity
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ish as unworthy of consideration a well-established path-
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few years since on the City of Buffalo restraining them from
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translucent elevations which have a glassy lustre, and which
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often limited to the formation of fringes of emphysematous vesicles
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the lower end forming a small button, to which a tuft or
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in which hepatic and splenic congestion is a promi-
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while the pain is extreme. The ophthalmia of tropical countries,
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of acute tonsillitis which I treated in this manner,
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knowledge of disease, and in the selection of the remedy.

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