Autograph Signings Long Island

              ~~ Ben Franklin

dioxide requirements, the three species may be differentiated

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given show. Sphygmographic tracings were taken during the

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this test is not as specific for the true cholera vibrios

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cells is but a partial cause. However, the finding of microcytes

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loosening the clot and winding it onto the rod. Rotate

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admit to be most desirable. The ' forlorn hope ' of advanced medical education in

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movements of short duration. Most of these movements are

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the urethra without chordee or dysuria. On Jan. 13, i88r, his

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chorea, and associated with rheumatism and endocarditis. The


(c) The clear plasma is pipetted off, and is either trans-

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Dr. Sutherland reported considerable interest in the Materia

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and influenza and tonsillitis more recently, but there is no history

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this large quantity and the excess due to the convallaria taken on

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by an outer albuminous, mammillated covering, which may some-

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(6) Centrifugation is begun as quickly as possible, at

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typhus fever, and many of these have been proposed by their

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these rules and the knowledge of the indications for remedies,

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refused to take medicine, violently resisting all attempts to ad-

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like the paraffin section. This method is not applicable

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It is to be observed that Pane's serum appears to have protective powers

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1882, publishes, in the August number of the American Homoeopath, an ingenious

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D u is the optical density of the unknown, D B the density

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sudden violent boring pain in the bend of the left elbow, while

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Clinic of Drs. Paul D. White and C. Sidney Burwell, Massachusetts General Hospital

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uterine cavity, pressing the fundus, conjointly with the other hand

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coating at root ; appetite not good, but consumes a large

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partial results were at once apparent. But on ceasing to apply

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may be infected, and also serous sacs in relation to the organs where the

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and adenoids were removed a year ago. She had measles and

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In making the dilution, a loopful of the clear serum, which has separated

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free grade, with less than 0.01 mg of ammonia nitro-

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solution; centrifuge a second time and resuspend in sufficient

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® Type I pneumococcus in sputum mixed with type II antiserum; no swelling

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Mrs. Lucy S. Carr, M. D., and Miss Charity James, M. D., at 48 Pinckney

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we note in the treatment of emergencies as grave as placenta

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522. Kinyouns Stain for Acid Fast Bacilli (formalin fixation is

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