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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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of transfusion is now performed not more than half a dozen times

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it be a fact and you will scarcely venture to deny it

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sians bitten by mad wolves were under treatment by that eminent

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he doubted if the general practitioner would incise before fluid col

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condition of ill health beginning in an acute attack may never

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regoric without inducing any very alarming symptoms and

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During believes that the starches in his diet have been so changed


recurrence of tbe peritonitis. Such cases might end in spon

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to the upper border of the thyroid cartilage or Adam s apple

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Food and Caprice. Those complaining of lack of appetite should learn

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About the third day. an egg is given and on the fourth

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The viability of the meningococcus in mediums containing sugars

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be given in conjunction with a few drops of laudanum after

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pain nervousness talkativeness apprehension irritabil

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