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County who is of good moral and professional standing
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NOTTINGHAM GENERAL HOSPITAL Physician. Applications loth
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the exclusion of meningitis which was not difficult the
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Mrs. Tice was placed upon the table for the purpose of a
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current are far more sudden than those of the magneto electric
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patient s mother. My baby a girl aged five months had
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In unusual cases the mental faculties at times even from the
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such issues will be appended to the periodical returns of
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ile. Numerous abortions and premature deliveries are often ob
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her femora was masculine the other feminine in type
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shall be elected annually by their respective facul
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rounding the sphincter ends. Dr. Kelly proposes there
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into the right auricle venous stasis will be a natural result.
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distracted and a check up made to see whether again the same amount
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in the portal canals was thickened. The individual lobules of
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In this case the cord did not pulsate. He had had no
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conditions indicated that death had been caused by the Potass
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frequently met with and we hope thereby to be making an in
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cal contrivances or in certain severe cases by the excision of the
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who recapitulates the substance of a correspondence of
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the canula but also as affording to the practitioner a means of
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treatment he said The size number and location of the
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that their diluted haemoglobin allows the green rays to pass. The loss of
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being the convenience and comforts of mankind. As it has been
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experiment completely invalidates the opinion of Lorry. The want of
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number of its victims. The surgeons of every hospi
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efforts by which fluids are drawn into the larynx and trachea
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consists of pages of blanks. Each style in one wallet
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dence of any return of the disease. In this case the
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ture remains elevated for two or three days and then
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that may be administered in typhus no precise rule can be
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containing pus alone or both pus and gas generally results from perforation

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