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              ~~ Ben Franklin

From the necessities of out-patient practice, the in-
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tractions which indicate that respiration is about to cease, when
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In testing the functional capacity of the kidneys, whether for
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their science (art) consists of divers receipts which they have found
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his head were freely expressed. It so happened, however,
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same vessel was again manned, the disease returned with in-
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both diuretics and /3-blockers produced better outcomes than
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illustrated, some of the prints being ver}' good, and others extremely
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at its contours yields to the protrusions and fills up the depressions of surround-
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phate of quinia, daily, prescribed, with Dover's powder, pro re nata.
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may be administered internally, provided recourse be had at the
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Invalides, the Hotel Dieu, and the Val-de-Grace. After a brief delay
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Micturition painful, difficult, drop by drop, burn-
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times with records made during all procedures. There was no indication at
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necessity for performing oiiphorectomy in inflammatory conditions is
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nosis of conditions which to the untrained eye are very
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siderable uncertainty as to the effect of the program on
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result from the drinking of any impregnated waters is in pro-
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simply because it has existed for several months or years. The first
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the opening would be closed by the herniated viscus.
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Professor Bier at Berlin University, Germany. Octavo of 209 pages,
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N. O. Petree. W. J. Vestal, D. R. Schenck, W. J. Richardson, A. E. Ledbetter,
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A form of spasmodic movement, which can hardly be called
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stretchers in the vicinity of that gangway till all the R.A.M.C.
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simple that a child can use it It is mailed, prepaid, /br
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The tardy separation of the ligatures, left as it were, an
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With respect to treatment, we can, for the most part, only
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formerly played a prominent part, and still continue
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by the profession as the former editions. We would con-
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and Bauer, and recently Friedlander, have shown that
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at intervals. At 6 a.m. on the 5th the physician was sent for,

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