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              ~~ Ben Franklin

Thompson as specially available. It consists in using snippings

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of taking large quantities of saccharine every day. When this was

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IIcchKypoietir System, — The red blood corpuscles sutler

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murmur of a venous origin, which is more or less musical in tone, and has

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upon signing an agreement or contract, the conditions of which shall be to dis-

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ter. We have received a brilliant effort lately, whose paternity we shall soon

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Operation. — May 23, 1903. I first infiltrated the tissues over

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if the latter are suppressed at an early stage of the infection, it is

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said to cause not only a systolic but also a diastolic murmur. If this be

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need be given for the course we have pursued. It is a truth,

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mas Spencer, of Madison county, the late President of the State

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diem; beef tea and milk ad libitum; pulse small, patient much

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as we frequently see that segment in insects." — pp. 38, 39.

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idence, or again, the amount of gas may not be sufficient to separate

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the bone is driven in under the sound portion, slulved

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nephritis it is very rare to meet with epistaxis or to find haemorrhages in

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and parietes will soon form. In the course of a few

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three were found with tuberculous disease of the uterus. Such a

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chronic running ear and deafness. These children are mentally

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in the space of two thousand years before him ; and

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in which, after all medical treatment has been exhausted

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except in certain areas, where there were small localized col-

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abdominal wall to a median incision opening into the

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— Dead, in twenty-six minutes. Another object of this experiment

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sequlae, complete deafness and paralysis of left foot,

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described by Fowler, Walter Carr, 4 and others in England, but

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intentionally employs any medical or surgical procedure calculated to

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as to keep continuously hot. Give the following electuary:

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periments instituted by Chauveau upon cattle, by feeding them

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and removed it with a small scoop ; 1 found another fragment

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most injuries which suffice to cause a fracture are accompanied by

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ture reaches from 103.5° to 106° by the end of twenty-four hours ; the

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body whereby they are unfitted for the discharge of

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imperfectly purified. The period of mcubation varied

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for use iu an adjoiniug room, in the event of asphyxia

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