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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the hyperaemia of the part is one of the most essential factors in the
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If during the process marked dyspnoea and cyanosis appear, the pro-
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Fig. 10. — Multinucleated cells in the human spleen. X700 diam.
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lower extremities: by simple incision, by aspiration, and by drainage.
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peared to be the same as those described by EUermann.^
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The holder is so arranged that each pipette has its own movements,
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cock opened, and the fluid allowed to escape as long as it will spontane-
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What becomes of these cysts I am unable to say. Many of
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added after cooling. This acid drink should be taken little by little
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quite opposed to those maintained by most oculists of the present
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inflammation except in one part, where tliere was considerable
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the first group is due to their sedative influence on the central nervous
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preparations of valerian which are available for this purpose are : Validol
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knowledge of the formation of diphtheria toxins. While investi-
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amputation through the thigh, and also in many other operation
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was an English officer, holding an important post ; he was about
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not depend upon the increased comparative length of the posterior
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Heubner's experiments in giving thyroiodin for rickets, on account
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during which lie had acted as their medical attendant, at no little
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can, adopting the nomenclature first proposed by Virchow, has used
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so slight as to be scarcely perceptible, even after long continued usage.]
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the site of inoculation, the pleural and peritoneal cavities, heart's
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of its epidemic existence in such situations of the occupied area as
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a great contrast to her former labours, and the patient appeared her-
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low potency serum will remain undestroyed and protect the animal
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day. The tincture is best employed as an addition to other expectorants.
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[became universal, pupils dilated, involuntary micturition, twitching
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smears from lesions which have been first fixed with heat and then
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ceptors is constant. Owing, therefore, to the inactivity of the human hemolysin in
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Bacteriological Standardization of Disinfectants 23
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tion of the arsenite of potass in doses of 10 to 15 minims, twice

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