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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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will probably be noticed. Postmortem digestion of the esophagus is more com-

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diagnosis in the exclusion or inclusion of intra-articular effusion in

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formed in scar tissue, and was called by Dieberg, in 1852, "cica-

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to live more than twenty four hours when bitten by a <^braj

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a great deal written on the subject of the use of hot baths

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of you who listened to the last inaugural address delivered by

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coats become thickened, and rich in vasa vasorum ; while their cavity is filled

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• Frank B. Sloop, Jr., MD, Charlottesville pathologist;

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rent to the lens. In the other eye a similar condition existed, but

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attending the operation of tapping, and he would not say that

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indicates the use of these medicines ; on the contrary, this state of

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They may also consist of fractures or lesions occurring as a result of con|:enital

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Of the special fractures only a few of the more common w ill be

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mouth of the aorta or pulmonary artery must cause diminished

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eye presented the usual appearances of a bad attack of iritis, and the pupil

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Wwp water -f ayyiixxv vessel -|- ro^ section. J Anat-

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large amount of serum, albumen, and chlorides ; no sugar ; does

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since his sixteenth yeiir he hassnlTered from the for-

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limbs hung down. The patient also exhibits numerous irregular myo-

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in the air. We can only mention one or two of the outstanding

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it does prevent, does it "through life," protect against the con-

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vation, or study, are entitled to be heard ; and until the question shall be

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The marvellous power of the human body to resist the en-

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1. Equal parts of sal ammoniac and savine, powdered to-

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disease, are not constant, and, for the most part, seem to arise just

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tionate to each other the case will probably be ranked as ataxic paraplegia

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Marwar and Meywar, and common remittents and intermit-

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in many parts of the city where accumulations of filth

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character of the affection was changed ; the temperature fell,

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These are not ranting discourses, but thoughtful presenta- |

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J., 1894, lix, 107; 237.— ITiacpherson (J.) Two cases of

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