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              ~~ Ben Franklin

It is not rare, as already mentioned, to have sore throat, or, as we have repeat-
Medical School and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York
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on mental automatism following transient epileptic paroxysms,
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American confreres, will, I am sure, do equal honor to their perseverance,
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are embedded. When will the profession learn wisdom on this
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for separation of the retina: viz., (1) that of Graefe, who intro-
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useful lives. And when, superadded to all this unphysiological
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patients to submit to a surgical operation. " Is it painful ? " inquired the sufferer.
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cess should often attend the constitutional treatment of parasites
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TAMES ALEXANDER MILLER, A.M., M.D., eminent specialist
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of the New York Pathological Society, and in 1876 was president of
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City specialist in Gynecology, was born October 15, 1862, son of Aaron
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The relation, then, of the nerve-system to other organs, diges-
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This is the thirty-fourth year of the publication of this little
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but it is also possible that the menstrual disturbances may be a result of
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fciniiel Thomas, whu held n cmninbiifm nnder George
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until 1908, when Dr. Hollister established himself in individual prac-
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been augmented, and he prefers not to run such risks. The
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1902, and afterwards issued by William Wood & Company.
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London, when the Broad-street well was poisoned by a damaged
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least scientific physician : he who is thoroughly master of the
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chairman of the section of Diseases of Women. In 1891 he was
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controlled, never losing his presence of mind. During an
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Let us briefly note, then, something of what " rational " medi-
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The third or infeviov is situated below the iliac plane just
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usual, perhaps more than usual, amount of "politics" in the dis-
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ing ; in the third case it may reach the dimensions of the
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perhaps somewhat abused their culinary cheer. The attack com-
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so, is usually seated in the cervico-dorsal region. It may occupy
growth, cutting into the healthy tissue. The wound in the lung
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tion. A girl had a number of pulmonary hemorrhages, was said
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the generous enthusiasm which has made the inauguration of
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In his articles on medical and surgical topics he suggested many
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