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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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The reasons for doubt in this instance are two: first, whether any

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discs and contraction of the retinal arteries to a mere thread. On the

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with reimplantation of bone. N. York M. J., 1891. liii,

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brick-red color from which small, purulent, cork-like masses of secretion

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result of scratching, most of the lesions were converted

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depended upon early treatment, and for this reason he

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are required to decide this point, and I know of none but those made by

anacin 300mg

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W. Page \I D, Lum- Opiumism— Its Treatment The Practical Medicine

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following named physicians, having been approved by the Board ot

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ammonia being added, a white granular precipitate falls, and, after some time,

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developed at the Navy Yard during the preceding forty-

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ing the onset of menstruation. Finally , her menses returned on

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158. — Woodbury (F.) A note on the therapeutic value

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Since that time aconitia has been used by many physicians in

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mobile cecum as one which can be moved vertically upward from

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frequency. Refined operative techniques, an improved immunosuppression regimen, and an earlier

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The next lectures are devoted to the phenomena of embolism,

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Editing and Publishing Committee does not hold itself responsible for views expressed either in

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obtained by lumbar puncture, both infants died during the puncture

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acetone-insoluble content has by analysis been found to contain phos-

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tellectual, and affective or moral; or those of the mind, and those

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In a recent re\dew Schleissner'* presents the arguments against the unity

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sunny disposition will be greatly missed by all who

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tion is soothing and cooling to the tissues and is often used to irri-

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