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maker make it superior to an ordinary low power objec

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wall immediately under the injury is defective both in quality and

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The presence of osteophytes in the nasal cavities materially interferes

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doubtless increase the number of dentists with medical qualifica

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why I bring this up. Whatever the result according to his theory if

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were of a most enthusiastic nature. The Lord Provost in laying

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a case in which spontaneous reposition took place three weeks after de

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epidemic of an unusual clinical type. A hemolytic streptococcus and

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On the Variation of the Temperature of the Air in England

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school. The same corps of instructors will be maintained. During the

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the table. The pulse rate at the end of the operation was

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appointed by the Sanitary Council with power to pub

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thefe kinds of formative particles are depofited beneath the cu

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world to the profession and to his family and especially to us

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seen is of a thoroughly practical yet moderate character and does

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Surgeon. Candidates for either appointment must send lestimomals to

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subjects. If one may judge from the only volume that has yet

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nate constipation in infants and young children said

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has receded and the surface layer of the soil has become dried.

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livered at the Meath Hospital in Nov. and were published

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Veratrum viride digitalis and the like have been tried in the hope

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The Association wants nothing to do with the Legisla

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might be made out to fhew the combined powers of the fun and

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Drill and Regulations of same Construction of same.

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Considerable space is given to the consideration of a condition known as disordered

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it became uncovered and was exposed to a draught of cold air.

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malnutrition and perverted action occur which result in defective

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The local treatment is a matter of more difficulty. Extirpation will

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of the great vital organs. Bach conditions I deemed contraindicating

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It Is Further Recommended That the Chairman of this Com

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against the high handed methods adopted by the organ

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the Editor of the Lancet that we have no right to inquire where

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Treatment. Cases of chronic dyspepsia in childhood usually recover

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