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artery. It also happens but rarely that a vein may be injured the

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or not of external influences is due to the transmission of

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in acid media produces gases in sugar media and coagulate milk.

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A paper read at the joint session of the Brainard District MedicaJ

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onic tissues. In spindle celled sarcoma his results were not

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and again placed over the chest. In another half hour

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to salol when given in acute articular rheumatism and

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the adhesion of the mesosigmoid and sigmoid flexure is so

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a g to the one method and when according to the other

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i th reports Major Powell of the U. S. Geological Sur

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canal and the spinal cord at that point was cut almost clean

valium a prescription drug used to treat depression works by

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hopes of attracting students who were not able to do

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stock but not unfrequently a deterioration especially

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undoubtedly advisable. It is however surprising how

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Subsequently the lung also begins to retract in its

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When inflammation of the pericardium takes place the patient

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why does valium have such a long half life

caso del Maggiore Amadasi emisezione del midollo spi

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may attack the serous membranes primarily. Belonging to this class of

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tion and pain. The continual contact of the clothing with the ex

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combination of gastric acid and swallowed soda the per

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Dropsy is sometimes the first obvious sign of grave and unsuspected

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capillary extravasation or rarely in large amount from

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must of course be largely affected by the condition of the ground

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the number of reported cures made by germicidal remedies.

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singer s symptom tenderness and slight edema over the

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blood. Circumorbital or temporal pain for example is a

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appears which is usually distributed throughout all portions of the lung

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lesions. Of special interest is the idea advanced by Salaman that the liver

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rative arthritis may supervene though rarely and its occurrence points

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cases from the isolated epithelial cells remaining after destruction of the

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leg from below the knee and over the external malle

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killed the horse and the consequence that it may offer will

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Modern Colonization and the Adaptability of Europeans for

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lieait s acticui is well known to be section or jiarab sis

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limbs below the hock are thus afi ected sometimes the fore legs below

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of the disease the process which leads to the acute wasting of the

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The sewage is disposed of by the dry earth system and

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