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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the urine but the solid character of the swelling the exceeding dryness of

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the same weight of maternal tissue we must remember that a

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and suggestion is the all important factor in the production

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long been known to authors but have usually been attributed to

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or remittent character he was not prepared to decide. The dif

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insane. Chatterton put a period to his own life at the age of

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disease. He operated in fourteen cases without success

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Symptoms. Swelling and tenderness on the withers or at the side of

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possible connection between rheumatbm and heart disease.

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general rule never thought of interfering excepting where there was

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fined in some instances but gray zones or controversial

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muscular pains return and this time an eruption appears. This

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Sir Shirley Murphy whose observations on the altered age incidence

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sult in part of the existence of hypertrophied naso pharyn

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forearm but could not hold the arm up unsupported. She could

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concerned it makes a most excellent remedy if made up with

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neglected and a fatally ocoasicmaUy occurs attributable to the anaes

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sinking rapidly he had now a pale feeble exhausted look no ap

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epileptic attacks after the operation fnot improved therefore

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proportionally to the rate of the changes characteristic of the system.

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of sixty eight the whole right lung was involved there was

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ing persons or other animals. Feed and water the animals regu

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existed in the liver a substance which was capable of being changed

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energies the poioer of the exciting cause must be increased to

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