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              ~~ Ben Franklin

F. W. Olcott passed assistant surgeon detached from duty

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fractured patella. Upon inquiry the following history

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Experiment No.. To determine if animals could be sensi

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The patient s general health was such at this time that

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sents cancerous degeneration. Exophthalmic cases al

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of the Board of Agriculture and Messrs. Cope and Duguid

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caused by the rupture of an aneurismal sac. In another occur

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The Potato Disease. At a late sitting of the Academy of

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with gentian violet rinsed with water a few drops of Lugol s solution

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of preparing the articles of diet so as to make them

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trized. Examination of this patient two and one half years after the

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from muscular action. There is also a disturbance of

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so precipitous that it w ul have baffled an expert moun

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in this case distinct from pain upon deep pressure.

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Lombard concludes is very ingenious it may be that the highly

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could muster to show that noma is due to a specific organism and

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lar structures you could not be sure of the result.

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had the heaviest loss but it is because some of the losses

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the next session of the legislature were required before the board

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of blood was abstracted before he became faint Calomel

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place of the poultices if the area to be covered is as large

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gentleman. I mention these circumstances among hundreds of

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contrary the one terminating in or alternating with tlie other apparently

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little longer than the hammock is wide are then woven

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belief that it would contribute greatly to happiness to ex

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has been souo ht to discount on the ground that it con

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distilled water are then added and the water and stain

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inappropriate that little New Zealand should thus have

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