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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the case of three chlorotic girls, who experienced rapid

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the age in which we live. In the consideration of the disease,

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perience in a sufficient number of cases, and in different countries, that

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plenty of fresh air and good food, arid their quarters should be

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different States varied much in their powers, and some

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duction of the trocar, violent coughing usually takes

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nausea and vomiting. It was of no avail, as in less

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tion occupied by the association in the derraatological world,

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toms can frequently be referred to over-indulgence at

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Vaso-r onstrictor nerves of the heart, discovery of 2S6

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exudation. This case steadily improved under treatment, and the deejier

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February 26. 1915, 21; meeting of March 26. 1916, 286;

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that dislocations might with great advantage be reduced at a much later period,

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First. The entrance of air into the uterine sinuses.

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properly used and rightly interpreted. Carmen, with the Mayo

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ination of the urine shows nothing abnormal except a lit-

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After fourteen negative electro-punctures the pain was removed,

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feeble, about 108 ; head to be shaved, and cold cloths applied.

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experiment. For example, an initial increase in the blood volume of

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absolute condemnation upon it. This, however, was considered as too

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passed, but these may be succeeded by evacuations entirely of pus and

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the operation at all, but of the operator, who is more anxious to

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thirty-seven, had a right inguinal hernia, which be-

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touched them over with a coat of red colour, to the serious detriment

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