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              ~~ Ben Franklin

medication. As to local treatment, I believe that carbolic acid is the
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cle is ordinarily not paralyzed. When, on the other hand,
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as a source of light energy in therapeutic work was made by
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theory ; which- conclusion satisfies our requirements for the
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found in the oesophagus, but, after development into filaria of
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method that is safe and free from the objection of the
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West Indies are concerned, that it was introduced by
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lis master. The servant was committed for trial at the assizes. One of the
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the power of splitting up relatively complex chemical com-
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the three mixtures. This was thought advisable as these two organisms are
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softening, or by abscess, then we are confronted by new con-
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Occurs in children. Usually accompanying a cold and a
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an abscess in the temporo-sphenoidal lobe, through a carious opening in
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the child from becoming an imbecile. The importance of this result is so
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discharge, and 11 per cent, were unimproved or died.
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pain radiating to the left, pleuritic friction, impaired resonance, together

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