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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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The method of refrigeration employed by Brand is thus

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early childhood ; she is timid and 'babyish' — mentally

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stand by and look on until the patient is better. Re-

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presents no true symptoms, but only changes in the urine; in others,

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5. — Treatment of TraumatiG Tetanus hj Heat. [Medical

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tinal lesions in the autopsy of a fatal case. The family in which no cases

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1. Horse-serum ; whole serum dried in vacuo at 37°

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excluded, and in nearly every recorded case syphilis has been mentioned

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losis presented to the Council of the British Medical

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and is much more manifest if the patient is kept to bed ; but it does

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scat of the tubercle. This difference he seeks to explain by the

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fore, in the eighth year of the Christian era, and might then have

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this kind. The remarks made by thoughtless and ignorant people in

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necessary to stimulate the cells. Apparently the yellow bone

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substance. The distention, however, is not mechanical, but

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tenth days, end ends on or about the twenty-first day.

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perature was 100.5°; the pulse, 100. Chloral hydrate

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to the calloso-marginal fissure on the mesial aspect, there was almost

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six degree-of-freedom fitting of two data sets. However, the precision for minimizing

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minute varieties in shade and colour requisite in such figures. We all tho

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munication through the infundibulum between the frontal

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experience of the author for the last twenty-tive years. The

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and if the bed-clothes be pulled back it will often clutch at them to draw

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Lord Westbury, ' was abundantly made up by a flow of hard names, which

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the Hospital would not admit of the use of this aid, the price

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along the undulating membrane, projects from its blepharoblast

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or most dangerous symptom, occurs gradually. If the patient die be-

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and some of the schools closed on that account. The eucalyptus oil was thus

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operations for the relief of distension of the gall-bladder by con-

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immunity is secured. For example, Talbot, in treatment of children sensitive

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albuminuria rapidly disappears, but may occur again on exertion and

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therapeutic powers, is the excuse for including an account of

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with its mucous covering, as it reaches the peiiolus of the

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than do the scattered blocks of unhewn marble constitute a temple.

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and voluntary communications, and their reference to the ap-

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