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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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of the siliceous shells of Diatomacese, which is of unknown
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on mycetoma, the fungus disease of India. Trans. Med. d Phys. Soc. s Bombay,
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private tutor, and was finally appointed Director of the Acad-
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a manner so latent as to make it extremely difficult, if not quite im-
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such patients must not be handled nor bruised, but kept in a
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Since the interchange of gases in the lungs depends principally
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blue cushion. The deformity thus induced, the caput Medusce, does
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tion 321 ; perspiration and urine were acid in reaction.
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sitive to pressure. There are chills and high fever, and we have the
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* Vobonoff, S. L'actinomycose en figypte. Qaz. d. h6p. (1904), 77, 1301 to 1303.
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material change in the present condition of public morals.
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attack, indicate the employment of amyl. More especially would it be
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hard substances, such as best remove the epithelium* Just as, in ma-
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to hypertrophy, proceeds from increased resistance and from the re-
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makol. (1890), 26, 79) is not available to us. Sabrazes and Riviere (Pressc
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stated, mycetoma or Madura foot is best classified here as the clinical
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hfitnorrhagic infarction in disease of the heart, through obstruction of
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ing of the septum thus formed. More rarely, it is onry the adventitia
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severe, the patient suffered greatly, not only while in the bath, but
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and bounded by the membranous expansion of the vocal chords. These
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pighian capsule, increased in the convoluted tubuli uriniferi, while
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against them at present be when we lack competent midwives? If the
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by the presence of a small amount of oxygen which has penetrated into the
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Fujinami, Akira. Weitere Mitteilung iiber die "Katayama-Krankheit." Kyoto
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erally larger than those which* come from the aortic circulation. We
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the lungs, or the heart and blood-vessels ; otliers on the surface
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thread through each blister, cutting off the thread a little dis-
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a term which does not clearly express the conditions and also adds a
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preparations, and consequently are limited to a symptomatic treatment.
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its proper name, not only is our comprehension of the etiology and

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