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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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congregated to discuss the best mode of preserving the nation

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violent disputes about venesection by recommending a

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Kecreational committees were formed and schemes worked out to assist

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that there is a rare malady of the conjunctiva, an in-

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quickly ; later the sheep keeps apart from the flock,

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left ventricle, and paralysis from distension. Weakness of the left ven-


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of the cardiac hypertrophy. The polyuria, as we understand him, occurs later,

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not correspond with the opinion of Smellie, Levret or Stein.

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its course, under tho name of ductus vcnosus (dv), to the pos-

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treated by hot and cold local applications to influence the

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general interest. This young man, aged twenty-six years, was,

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quantity of radiation over a -wide enough area was the factor

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Phthisis: Its Morbid Anatomy, Etiology, Symptomatic Events and

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very likely have foretold the result ; I whs, however, surprised,

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ject in hand. It is true, however, that nnich space is de-

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Dr. Longstaff observed that the births in each year

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just barely recovering must be in a dangerous condition for a second

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instance of scirrhous carcinoma the structure of which suggested gland-

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silver dollar. In a few moments it dilated sufficiently to permit

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therapeutic methods. This is not a pantophobia, but a monophobia, at

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In the second stage I observed thirty-one cases. Twenty-four

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cation of the cold douche to the head is generally successful. The head of

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its constituents, carbonic acid, alcohol, etc., etc.

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TaBnia echinococcus possesses an oral opening. They undoabtedly

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by Dr. F. T. Moffett, of Littleton ; " Pneumonia : its Mortality and

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Quite as remarkable was the result of coupling a white bitch

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The cases of Damoiseau, as well as those observed here, show the

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erethism, and, if pushed far enough, would result in hypertrophy

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ted to the Publication Committee for the purpose of scrutinizing whether that paper is

goodyear allegra 175 65r14

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Tomilly, and Ager, which contain 138 inhabitants, 76 have Goitre,

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that period was on the rise, a case of that disease was inadvertently admitted

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