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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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of gleet, the matter difcharged of the fame appearance and con-

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ceased. The patient's hands were cold; his pulse small and

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pinkish, or whitish ; the proximal area deep red, purple of various

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majority of cases, is chiefly at the base of the brain, it is called by some

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Asiatic diseases, and were imported into Europe from

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tinal cellulitis with pericardial adhesions (Norman Dalton,

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process is in the connective tissue surrounding the vessels, and is of opinion

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other, a strong deflection of the needle indicated the

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been otherwise impracticable, but have striven as assidu-

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every five minutes or until side effects appear; or

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Geographical Distribution. — Yaws is essentially a disease of tropical

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order and simplicity. His first work of a strictly medical cha-

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hj the pulse, and felt when the hand is placed over the praKJonlia. The

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the form of a pill, he believes that it does not produce

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When ipecacuanha is j^iven for dysentery, the method called Brazilian is

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family, has much to do in determining the character

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sons of Burserius, because they have not found any-

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How very different would be the clinical features in the case of the average

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duced pleurisy (Leblanc and Trousseau). The objection to gen-

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The thigh was wasted so as to give the knee an appearance of

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be impossible to provide a numerous class of men of that

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promises to do so much for the welfare of the travelling public.

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phoid-Paratyphoid Vaccine. Catarrhalis Combined Vac-

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At the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the mean height of thebarometer

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