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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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the number of gentlemen pursuing their Professional studies

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some of the most prominent factors in our medical education

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by convulsive seizures. When the seizures begin, the headaches may

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The following formula* is recommended for hyperidrosis of the

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continuing as attached to the flying service a definitely unsafe indi-

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to show how ineffectual antiseptics may be ; with the hand of laborers it is often

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speed with which it can be executed. It is frequently

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also greater, the iuci*eased number of members having

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muscles of the tongue, though in Panthel's case the extrinsic muscles in

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of January. On Thursday evening he complained of languor and ma-

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a monument of most untiring industry, while his motto in duty,

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qnenle di localizzazione dell' eryibrasma con risnllato col-

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neither promises nor does anything to supply polyclinic in-

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many patients in this disease, I have never met with

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1. A definite range of normal variation of the vibration

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*' 26. Splints of wadding and plaster seem to be especially applicable for the

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certain method, especially for the general practitioner, of

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tion, and be divided into 5,000 shares, and that the Committee on the

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instance, the connexion between all the parts of the apparatus

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unconsciousness is very transient or entirely absent. Hence cases of this

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It is an error not to carry the wire deeply. A superficially

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In the other an effort is made to produce an immunity to the toxins

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peritoneal cavity, are valuable.* These observations show arborescent

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variety. The skin is discolored in 34.61 per cent.;

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2d of July, 1843, she had an attack of common fever, from which she suffered for

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said of its specific nature ; the peculiar perversion of

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larly handicapped, as she is unable to make the entire

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With an Introducton- Note by Johx H. Musser, M. D., Professor of

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thus obviate the immediate danger to life, you will

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it 'should, by demanding respectability of each individual, raise up the "sub-

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Scotch and Irish Councils, that it would have commanded the

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pliysiologie. J. de uumI., chir. et phavmacol., Brux.,

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remiiined normal or subnormal on the right side and slightly

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perhaps a majority of the writers upon the subject, among whom may be

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described, with the possible subsequent addition of the whole chain

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ing and periodic discharge. In those rare cases of diphtheritic and

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2, the lazaretto of observation, for those cases which may

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Even a few minutes after the administration of a small dose of mor-

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few hours the salivary glands, fauces, and portions of the soft

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and the child, temporarily separated from the other patients from the sas-

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Effect of artificial coloring matters and preservatives on

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Having devoted the last ten years exclusively to the manufac-

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dilated, and softer, and the loosened placenta lying within it. There was some

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he not also freiiuciitly allude to its astral rela-

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