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              ~~ Ben Franklin

interstitial type as well, were compelled to forego nitrogenous foods, except
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portant prophylactically than therapeutically; the early and proper treatment
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carry bacteria from the urethra to the bladder, and even from the bladder to .
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to be possible by the experimental work of Erdheim.^ His observations
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ti'iil.vtic iicli\it\ ami aiiliicliycsl ion will iir. In this case' there can l>
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curves lies in tlie insifiht wliieh they u:ive us into the nature of the stroke
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vinlis III till' plntiins nf till' III I. liut )>i'l\iiins til till' ntlicr I'liiistiti
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in Case XVII, following a severe attack of influenza in March, 1898, the
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but weakness of the legs noticed in walking or climbing stairs is very often
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and the lower fnun fastiiit,' animals. The re.sults sliow that the liver must
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■-"'I nl IWii u dl'Xtrnsl' lllllll'l'llll'S I. Iillt lint isnlua 1 1 nsi' ; I'l nn piisi'i 1 III'
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erulus itself may be atrophied or its place taken by fibrous tissue. This is
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Malignant tumors of the thyroid usually produce enlargement, which
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cases of chronic interstitial nephritis, then, may have their origin in unde-
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. r..l..i vvii'i ll,, t. ■ iiiii.ii- :v |.l.,;iiii.!ii Hill' ir'i.iii Spin.ii t
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which may be slight, but it is there. Thus, the finger-joints show slight
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ill llic alisti-actinii of water fi-nm tlic tissito ci'lls, wlicicas a li> piitnnic
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skin is often harsh and dry. There may be disturbance of sensation, espe-
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to the naked eye resemble the kidney of chronic interstitial nephritis; the
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individual detlections (^-f{-S-T may vary, depeiidiiiir on the predoniinani'
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We shall considei' these conditions in the follow iiii; order; (1) Con
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any foundation m fact. All of these operations should be done with strict
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and trauma produced or retention caused, in addition to the cystitis he could
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to look upon a change in one part as necessarily leading to change in
cefixime therapeutic class
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III im))airment in the lilteriiiir a|ipati;tiis. Hard and fast rules can not
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of its periodicity, but has not been confirmed by later studies of the blood.
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:: '-'reat leii<rthenin<r in the elottiny; tiiii.' of th.' Mood.
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intensity seen in Raynaud's disease. Sweating is a common feature, and it
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Two opposite sets of symptoms follow from diminished and excessive
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the normal kidney. The urine from the other kidney may sometimes con-
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time the relation of goitre to locality has been noted always and in every
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|iio(luccd fi'oni protein ditl'ei- iVonr one another- solely with r'etraid to the
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Later, when the heart fails, passive congestion aggravates the condition,
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not infrequently associated with headache, ocular disturbances, and other
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ments of von Eiselsberg and Serrano and Bettencourt were soon replaced in
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inr nil) irr i/il llir iircf smirn fluid utuhr itro
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Xcially various forms of staphylococci and diplococci. Among bacteria
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formula may lie used in const ructiiif; the curves. In arrivinj; at this
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inaiMtiiiii tliix riiii<lilii>ri it is iM'crssnt'y In \ i>tililiil<> tlit' ciiiNMiiii, |ii'cl'-

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