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              ~~ Ben Franklin

for restoration to the pension rolls and for increase of

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closely related to the Camembert Penicillium has given some inter

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forms a compact mass and at the hilus merges into the

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is produced by mercurial topical applications. Generally this treat

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Working as the writer has the privilege of doing in a

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spinal fever and with the continuance of the disease in the gan

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rectum. After separating the csecum from the tumour work was

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creation of State Medical Boards and efficient sanitary legislation.

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variations to consider in looking for a climate connection.

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bladder and uterus and thence out laterally over the

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ening of the heart Walls and we can only hope for tem

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should be rinsed frequently with an astringent and antiseptic wash

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number of years in a portion of the city which had a

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and peripheral vascular disease with amputation often

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the system during the twenty four hours. The figures

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Directions for Urinary Analysis. To have the urine examined

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