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success ancl Wooldridge s ferment appears to be too powerful to be safe.

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pressure and the condition of the woman in labor indicate the one or

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or might not be negligible. In a case of interstitial

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the Prager Yierteljahrschrift that the secretion of sugar

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of the third or middle ventricle. C short lobule on

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and lb whether the problem of digesting sludge without offence

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the mother during pregnancy heredity and emotional condi

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tents in the stomach. There are no distinctive clinical symptoms.

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irrigations twice daily. The contents of the inoculated pocks were

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by any of the known physical signs or chemical tests. A

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similar to those just alluded to the venom is deposited in

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be studied separately for each type of pathogenic organism and also

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of the mystical ideas which prevailed in the dawn of Chemistry

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their work falsifies the statements made in the vouchers sent to

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ington First Vice President Alexander D. Blackader of

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from officers then on duty. Their comparison with the

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the nitrogenous equilibrium. He lowered coagulated albumin

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have been reported by Fernet in which women acquired an appar

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ever at this place is so great that the very lowest recorded

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The third or nodular form of primary hepatic cancer

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schools. per cent were so far mentally impaired as to

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duration than the recent retinal changes. What the oculist wishes to

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better results can be hoped for only by activity on the

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school and the report should be in writing for future

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infectious diseases small pox measles diphtheria and croup

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Very rapid enlargements of the glands on both sides

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course of a general infection the ear does not become

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