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which had met with tlie attention of the Association and no doubt

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day. He muttered to himself in a low tone. The left upper extremity

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genitals often become so complicated and obscure in appearance that

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many circumstances which render it probable that in the majority

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improvement from the first use of Panopepton is a frequent comment.

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were recorded as suppurative prostatitis peri pros

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been taken in the keeping of the cows and in the collection and

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the bone which he believed could exist alone. If the ligament

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iodide of potassium. now we should wish to formulate an analogous

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rectly proved by application of the alkaloid to the spinal

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very admirable regulations exist to prevent its spread and

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Special Mention of Remedies. Cayenne pepper asafoetida and gen

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be admitted that it has great force and deserves very careful consider

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Dr. Legge was a graduate of Alierdeen University wliere he took the

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consisted of coils of intestine or a single knuckle with fluid con

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cutis. In the deeper parts of the skin there was at one

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pnoea and extreme cyanosis occur in patients at other times quite free from

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reaction which may range from erythema to severe skin mani

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evidently associating disease which has been aggravated by the condition

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center was that it was indispensable and perhaps the only

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the sympathetic fibres going to the submaxillary gland

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present time shows the property known as factitious

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recognition which it contains of a difference between

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Hospital Medical College New York Visiting Physician to Bellevue

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All communications and packages by mail or otherwise

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recent studies with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors indi

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for special moulds suited to convey special diseases. Thus Dr.

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to such animals as are known to be tuberculous or which show

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prone to fermentation and the formation of flatulency if

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large quantity of the tubular fibres are seen ramifying while the gelatin

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of the skull with circumscribed injury to the brain

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