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malignant growths with metastases in the bone marrow severe post

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saved but many of them were. Dr. Dawbarn now recom

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mens of rare and expensive minerals foreign and domestick.

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mon. Occasionally in cases of acute peritonitis the temperature

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dividing the attachment of the outward rectus and passing the

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vention of Tuberculosis. This Committee aided by funds

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Crampton in a clinical lecture on congenital defects in tlie confor

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opinions of some of the best observers in regard to the ac

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although the inflammation had perfectly subsided the patients

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in the other form. The patient often attempts drinking

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all important object he contended was to protect the eye and

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uncertain that we can not suppose that many could enter at

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most of the cases published there was intra ocular hcemorrhage

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in the same manner the spleen was infiltrated with the nodules the

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during the first week at the very time when the pyrexia of typhoid

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bone was stained with inflammation and destroyed in

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ried out it was hoped that this obstruction could be

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of milk cannot therefore be attributed to the usual types found in

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valescence from typhoid fever and other debilitating

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The wagons of the field hospital will be marked as prescribed in

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Larce tin contalsingr orer five times the qnantlty i.oa.

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payment and its relative burden on the state on the local

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centrifugalized suspension of active virus. May Excitable. May Right

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of the circulation are also to be permitted. In cases of violent

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been investigated and recorded. No open wound would be expected to

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the cystic duct. The gall bladder was removed and the

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important part of medicine which others have omitted

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in opening and closing can be opened and shut by the

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delayed by a devotion to philosophical systems is unanimously ascribed

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foot. There is not often difficulty in distinguishing them from Raynaud s

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suffering much more frequently than the one which is native to

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be brushed over with a decoction of part of powdered

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Night blindness has also been noticed. A few cases have been reported

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