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formed there were fifty two spontaneous deliveries. For

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ployed in those cases where the growth was situated so

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nitro glycerin and nitrites may bo used or soluble salts

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to determine accurately the exact nature of a contracted

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around diminishing after flow is established. Has a thick

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appear earlier in the course. Systematic bacteriology

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Table IV. In order to prevent alterations in the sus

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on the care and skill of vaccinators is the frequency with which they

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a white color of a thick consistence and which readily separates from the

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herself to her husband but she is not satisfied with

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Malarial fever then analysis and comparison will be instituted

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matter. The putrefaction of the organic matter in all bad smelling

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larial fever is steadily diminishing and cholera and plague

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certain extent to the yielding of the softened bone to mechanical

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Nature of the Dysenteric Lesions. It has been too readily assumed

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